We Are Cheesy

The CheeseDenim Works

We love raw denim!

A KL based denim company with a crave for raw denim made affordable for all.

Wear it everyday & let it melt to your skin. 

Aged denim has its own story to tell. 

Suggestions & Feedback? We would love to hear from you, write to us at getmecheese@gmail.com


6 comments on “We Are Cheesy

    • Hi Lo, we don’t have a retailer in singapore yet, however you could purchase online from our existing retailers : the push, supersunday sscg, rare distro, depot by devise & wheel love skate shop.


  1. Hi, i came across your brand from other websites and i would say i am very interested in the product. Could you send me the details of the double cheese and stiffy? Dont really know the difference. and is there anymore stocks available if i decide to get one at size of 28-30?

  2. nice jeans….great cuts… just asking for a bigger size…
    big guys loves raw jeans too ….
    just a sugestion….any way…keep on growing guys…
    support malaysian ….

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